'The Injury List'

It was suggested at a recent monthly meeting that the club could keep record of MCCC members who have had the misfortune of having an unexpected 'meeting' with our friend the roadway, or worse a motor vehicle and as a result cannot ride due to injury.     

So, for this to work we need you to let the club know if you have knowledge of members that are laid up due to a fall or being run into.  If there is a funny story to go along with it all the better !  

So drop us a line    

September 2010:

Nigel D - M7 tumble and will be out of action for a while with a head injury.

May 2010: 

Steve T - Still out of action after an altercation with a car again.  Any further info ?

Colin B - Thought one of his fingers was 2cm too long so took it off with the help of his new track bikes' chainring.  Ouch !