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The Interclub Series

The interclub series is a competition contested between five clubs: MCCC, Illawarra, Southern Highlands, Goulburn and Nowra over a five race handicap series. Each race is hosted by a different club and held at their respective circuits. The series is only open to members of the host clubs and club clothing is required to be worn. Points are accumulated over the series by individual club members and tallied to give the overall club score. Points are also available in the fastest time competition. There is also excellent prize money on offer at each race in different categories depending on the host club.  Due to the number of entries recently it has been decided for 2010 to have two separate races held 10 minutes apart with prizemoney and points awarded for each division.

2010 Interclub Races.           2010 Series Points 







 17 April


Gunning   Map

Hcp 45km



 19 June


Dapto    Map

Hcp 45km



3 Jul


Menangle   Map

Hcp 51km


21 Aug


Braidwood Rd   Map

Hcp 41km



25 Sep


Sthn Highlands   Map

Hcp 41km

Southern Highlands


2009 Results

Goulburn    Illawarra    Macarthur    Nowra    Southern Highlands      Final Rider/Club Points    

2008 Results

Goulburn    Illawarra    Macarthur    Nowra    Southern Highlands     Final Rider/Club Points

2007 Results

Goulburn   Illawarra(Not raced due to weather)   Macarthur    Nowra    Southern Highlands

RRules for Southern Region Interclub Series

1.   The Interclub Series clubs are as follows:          Eurobodalla CTC, Goulburn CC, Illawarra CC, Macarthur Collegians CC, Nowra Velo C, Southern Highlands CC. The CNSW now calls Interclubs Category 4 events meaning each Club will now pay CNSW 10% sanction fee.

 2.   Each club is to send out a flyer notifying the other clubs of the event.

 3.   All races are to be held on Saturday’s commencing at 2.15pm, and current Club shirts must be worn when racing in the event.

 4.   Each club has agreed not to hold a club race on the day of an Interclub being held.

 5.   Race entries close two (2) weeks before the event.

 6.   Race entry fee is to be paid when the competitor nominates for the event, if the race entry fee is not paid by closing date of the event the competitors name will be deleted from the event.

7.   Race entry names are to be sent to the Handicapper and Treasurer by the following Monday, (12 days before the event), No more race entries will taken after the closing date.        

8.   Late race entries WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.

9.   Race entry names and race entry fees are to be posted to the Treasurer by the following Friday, (8 days before the event), so that the prize money cheques will be available for the day of the race. Cheques made payable to Southern Region Interclub Series.

10. The Handicapper will send back the draft handicapped programme to the clubs’ for review, each club is to check that all their riders are listed on the programme, as their names will not be added later on, nor will they be added on the day, the clubs’ may request changes to the handicaps given, but will not be changed on the day of the race, the final programme will be returned to the Host Club 4 days before the event.

11. The race entry fee is $15, ($10 goes towards the prize money and $5 goes to the club, from this $5 the Treasurer will send the 10% sanction fee to CNSW and the balance be given to the Club), the club can use their share to pay the Club’s expenses, i.e. First Aid, Commissaires, Traffic Controllers etc.

12. All riders MUST hand in their Cycling Australia licence, to receive their race number, they MUST  sign the sign-on sheet and start in the event, and wear their current Club colours. No licence no start.

13. The prize money paid for each race is 1st $100,    2nd $90,     3rd $80,     4th $70,     5th $60    

      fastest time $50,     2nd fastest time $30,     3rd fastest time $20,  ( total $500).

 14. Current Club shirts must be worn at the presentation, but no caps or sun glasses.

 15. Points will be awarded as follows: 1st 15, 2nd 14, 3rd 13, 4th 12, 5th 11, 6th 10, 7th 9, 8th 8, 9th 7, 10th 6, 11th 5, 12th 4, 13th 3, 14th 2, 15th 1.   Fastest time 5, 2nd F/T 4, 3rd F/T 3, 4th F/T 2, 5th F/T 1, club points  1st 6, 2nd 5, 3rd  4, 4th 3, 5th , 6th 1. Each competitor has to sign the sign on sheet, and after racing, each competitor will receive three (3) points, however each competitor needs to start in three (3) events, to be considered for the Series overall prize money.

 16. After the final race, the prize pool is divided between the riders who have won the top fifteen (15) place points, and the top three (3) fastest times place points, as per Rule 15 leaving a bank balance sufficient to cover the bank fees.

 17 After the final race if several riders have equal points the prize money will be split equal amongst the riders with equal points.

 18. The Club with the most points will be awarded the trophy and have the trophy engraved with their club name and the year

 19. Meetings shall be held from time to time as required, with voting being one (1) vote to each club.


17th  April 2007

2nd Edition 4th June 2008, 3rd Edition 15th June 2008

Amended 27th September 2008

Amended 1st February 2009