Magpie Watch

Thanks To Max Browne for his unique picture. Maybe this is one way of getting rid of this evil bird.

The club is proud to announce a new addition to the Club Website, Magpie Watch. To make it work we need your help.

Please drop us a line to the club reporting the locations where the black and white dive bombers have become active.

We need to know the location, severity of the attack and whether they just attack single riders or bunches.

Severity of the attack should be on a scale of 10 being the highest level ( Removes riders from their bikes and deposits them in the paddock across the road) and one being the lowest ( slight tap on the helmet).

As usual, the season campaigner at Cawdor Rd near the high school has become active already. It needs a reminder, it is only July!

We would like to know any defenses riders have come up with to combat magpies. Last year, a wooden snake protruding from the rear of the helmet seemed to work for one club rider. It got rid of the magpies, but we think the kookaburras may have taken an interest. Suggestions must be legal, as they are protected fauna, so no shotguns please.



 Guys and Girls, See how it works. Send reports in now  Click Here